*Garages / chemical toilets

Giove is a water resistant portable chemical toilets made in polyethylene and highly resistant to impact, scratching, corrosion and temperature extremes.


  • Dimensions: 113x113x241 cm.
  • Weight: 80 Kg.
  • The floor is made of plastic smooth finished, nonabsorbent material bolted and glues to withstand years of usage.
  • Several colours available.
  • Material: body and skid-base in polyethylene.
  • Tank: 310 liter droptank with pyramid shaped bottom for easy emptying the tank.
  • Handle grips on all sides over the whole lenght, the grips make it easy to handle and transport.
  • Standard accessories: toilet, urinal and paper holder.
  • Optional: handwash unit and pump with siphon.
  • Spare parts: Chemical solution packages.

 Depliant WC chimici (pdf 755 Kb)
Chemical toilets -  inside
Chemical toilets - inside
Chemical toilets
Chemical toilets
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