*Wood type prefabs

Wood, noble and natural material, used for our M18 prefabs allows different planning solutions with an harmonious fitting in the enviroment and a particoular living confort.
From the design to the realization, assembly and disassembly, following each step, we create in a little of time prefabs and work sites of different dimensions (from a small village warehouse to the big work sites). We offer a special respect for the enviroment around and more over we study and realize work-site for tunnel construction or motorway construction works.
M18 Prefabs are usually one or two stores structures. They are rapidly assembled to meet the need of the client.

Purposes: offices, caffetterias, kitchens, dormitories, changing rooms, living units, hospitals, infirmeries, warehouses, laboratories, etc...

Main features of M18 prefabs:

  • Structure: wood structure;
  • Closures and partition walls: interchangeable insulated wood panels with external matchboarding;
  • Roof: pitches or flat, insulated panels;
  • Windows and doors: anodised aluminium or painted wood;
  • False ceilings: wood or mineral fibre panels;
  • Electrical facilities: following the rules of the end user countries.
Wood-type prefab
Wood-type prefab
Wood-type Prefab
Wood-type prefab
Wood-type prefab
Wood-type prefab
Wood-type prefab
Wood-type prefab
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