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*Metal type Prefabs

can be single or double storey prefabs; they are modular units made of steel frame to which are fixed both the walls and the roof panels. These prefabs are meant both for temporary and permanent solutions and are suited for all kinds of methereological conditions. They are particoulary suitables for big areas.
E12 PREFABS are structures built with quality materials respecting the regulations of the end user countries, they can also be supplied as "indipendent" in absence of water and sewer connections. The heating and air conditioning systems can be used with any kind of power supply.

Purposes: offices, caffetterias, kitchens, dormitories, changing rooms, accomodations, schools, sanitations, living units, hospitals, infirmaries, storehouses, laboratories, etc...

Main features of E12 Prefabs:

  • Structure: pillars and trusses in structurals sheet;
  • Closure and partition walls: interchangeable modular sandwich panels;
  •  Roof: pitches or flat, fretted, insulated sandwich panels;
  • Windows and doors: anodised aluminium, fitted into the wall panels;
  • False ceilings: mineral fibre panels;
  • Electrical facilities: following the rules of the end user countries.


Metal-type prefabs
Metal-type prefab
Metal-type prefab
Metal-type prefab
Metal-type prefab
Metal-type prefab
Metal-type prefab
Metal-type prefab
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